Japanese Home-Style Meal Delivery & Catering


201710月にHarmonious Kitchenを設立し、20199月からダウンタウンの日系企業様のオフィス向けにお弁当の定期配達を始めました。口コミで少しずつ販売数が増え始めた頃にコロナ感染対策で緊急事態宣言が出ました。一時はどうなることかと心配しましたが、お蔭様でオフィスで注文してくださっていたお客さまが在宅勤務でも継続して利用してくださり、現在は主にCapitol HillDowntown, DCRosslynChevy ChaseBethesdaRockvilleに配達をしています。「DCで日本と同じクオリティのお弁当が食べられるなんて感激です」、「優しい味で皆に好評でした」、「好き嫌いの多い子供たちがパクパク食べました」等、嬉しいフィードバックを頂いています。



Harmonious Kitchen is an authentic Japanese home-style meals and bento box catering service in Washington, DC. We cater for small to medium-sized groups. In addition to providing Japanese home-style meals and bento boxes, we also offer a la carte dishes, such as frozen items (gyoza and rice balls), koji marinades, and granola (berry and green tea/white chocolate) for individual purchase.

Harmonious Kitchen was established in October 2017. In September 2019, we started delivering bento boxes primarily to Japanese companies with local offices in downtown DC every Thursday. Our sales gradually increased through word of mouth. Then, in March this year, Harmonious Kitchen faced a tremendous challenge when COVID-19 caused DC, Maryland and Virginia to issue emergency closures for businesses, which affected several of our regular customers. Fortunately, our trusted patrons continued to order our bento boxes while they worked from home. We are excited to report that we currently deliver our food to Capitol Hill, Downtown, DC, Rosslyn, Chevy Chase, Bethesda, Rockville, Silver Spring, and Greenbelt. Happy customers contact us weekly with testimonials such as “I’m so happy that now I can eat bento boxes just like those in Japan!”, and, “The food was inviting and tasty–everything else was so well thought out.” Even our customers’ families enjoy our food; one family shared with us that “we were really happy with lunch; even my picky eaters were trying your food.”

If you are interested, please contact us at harmoniouskitchendc@gmail.com.