NEW Service “GROUP ORDERING”  is Now Available!
Harmonious Kitchen Comes to Your Home & Office
when you order as a group!

グループでご注文いただければ、Harmonious Kitchen が、


Are you interested in ordering from Harmonious Kitchen?
Now you can do so with your friends, neighbors, colleagues, etc. as a group.
Many of our customers reached out to us, asking if they can continue to order from Harmonious Kitchen.
And we said YES!

How does it work?

  1. Upon request, we will create your group’s designated order link with your pickup address.
  2. You and your group member order in advance (usually 12pm one day prior to the delivery date) using the above order link. (If you could let us know ahead of the time, we may be able to include your preferred items.)
  3. Harmonious Kitchen comes to your event site (home, office, etc.) on the requested date.
  • No delivery fees.
  • Purchase amount: $600 (excluding tax) or more as a group.
  • Onsite tasting may be available upon request.

Meanwhile, we always accept catering orders.
Our catering ordering site will become available soon.
We will continue to update you on our future developments.
Thank you so much for your continued support!

Harmonious Kitchen Team

多くのお客様からHarmonious Kitchen のお弁当やお惣菜を継続して注文したいとのお問合せを頂いています。

Harmonious Kitchen グループ注文の方法:

  1. ご希望の販売日とお届け先の住所をご連絡ください。お客さま専用のご注文リンクを作成します。
  2. ご注文リンクから事前に注文してください。
  3. Harmonious Kitchen が当日ご指定のお家、オフィスの住所に伺います。
  • 配達料はかかりません。
  • グループでの売上は$600以上(税抜き)でお願いいたします。
  • メニューにないものや、ご希望の品があれば、それを事前に試食してもらう機会を設けることもできます。